Finally, it’s your first day at a new job. New peers, managers, different traditions and style of communication. And you even do not know how to use a coffee machine in your new office. Everyone gets nervous and feels butterflies in the stomach at first. In this article, we will not give you a cure to avoid this feeling, as it is just a normal reaction to changes:) But we will provide valuable tips that will help you to feel settled in a new team much faster and start achieving results without being emotionally exhausted!

Almost all the surveys indicate that 70% of employees of any specialization and personality type start feeling comfortable at a new workplace after three months. Not such a long time, right?:) 

Just follow several tips for newbies and remember that being a new team player is just fine and you will definitely make it through!

Take your time to prepare

Our advice number one is to set the groundwork for the first weeks in a new company. How to use the time between getting an offer and your first day to reduce anxiety as much as possible? Below are the three most important recommendations:

The journey has started. How to behave?

First of all, be attentive, listen more, and do not hesitate to ask questions, even if they seem to be stupid. Then, learn the following DOs and DONTs – they will provide you with good guidance for the majority of situations you will face during the first weeks at a new job:



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