HR Event in Peru: Insights From Zero to One Search Team Lead.

Pedro Perez, Zero To One Search Recruitment Team Lead based in Lima, has recently addressed HR Talks Peru, where together with two more experts discussed the most common bias in the recruitment process and ways to overcome them.

The guys gathered in WeWork co-working space and talked about bias connected to education, university, particular skills of an employee, and also touch upon the issue of equality and diversity.


And that’s what Pedro told us about the meetup:

“On September 5, we had a pleasure to have talks regarding bias in the talent acquisition process. During the talks we mostly shared ideas about PMVPs (People Manager’s Value Propositions) and the issue of how to decide what tools to use to overcome bias,” Pedro noted.

The event allowed all the participants to share views on the issue and have an open and inclusive conversation about real-life cases:

“HR Talks Peru envisaged the so-called ‘open talks’ format, where HR managers and professionals could share real-life situations and discuss together the best outcomes they had,” Pedro said.

The main focus of the meetup was to discuss different ways of avoiding bias while recruiting and the guys discussed dozens of numerous strategies. What is particularly important, they also addressed the issue of how modern technologies could help recruiters in this matter:

“During the talks, we covered numerous strategies – from standardized testing, blind CV formats, dynamic evaluation panels to techniques like ‘flip it to test it.’ We could see how the talent acquisition management is evolving worldwide and how new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, are shaping the way we recruit,” Pedro pointed out.


Thank you, Pedro!

Stay with us for more news from different parts of the world! You can also check an interview with Pedro to know more about him and his recruitment tips

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