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It is the time to work remotely!

  • Have a look at our office on the right. Yes. some of us are lucky to have professions that allow us to work from literally every spot on the planet

  • We have started in 2017 as a completely remote IT recruitment company. Some of us are working from home, some from co-workings and some from the bungalows

A culture of empathy and productivity.

  • A culture of results, not hours spent: Flexible hours let us schedule our days so that we do our best work without missing out on life’s important moments.
  • Kind, motivated people: We’re caring and quick to give credit to each other. We encourage people living in the same area to meet and get to know each other personally
  • Good personal relationship can also be built being far away from each other. We promote the virtual coffee breaks where you can talk about whatever with the colleagues from other cities and continents.

Do your best work from anywhere.

  • Fully distributed: We’re a fully remote and completely distributed team, so we can work wherever we’re happiest.
  • Buy what you need to be at your best: You don’t need to ask permission before spending company money like it’s your own – whether it’s for a standing desk, a co-working space, or continuing education.
  • Work asynchronously: Night owls rejoice! We’re dedicated to working asynchronously, so we can contribute from anywhere at anytime.

Our current openings

International Tech Recruiter

Excited about the Tech World and the People?

then you should definitely consider the opportunity of fully remote international tech recruiter. 

  • Enjoy the daily communication with the leaders in the industry, no one said that you just have to go through the checklist.
  • Stay on top of the industry’s needs.
  • Help people to find job locally and abroad. 

The opportunity would be the best fit for active self starters who would appreciate the advantages of the remote environment.

International Tech Sourcer

Want to enter the world of IT recruitment?

then you should definitely consider an opportunity of fully remote international tech sourcer.

  • Enjoy finding people with unique experiences on different technology platform such as Stackoverflow and Github
  • Learn new technologies every day.
  • Help a recruiter to get the best person to fit to the job opening.

This career path would be the best fit for those entering the tech recruitment world who are ready to go extra mile and attentive to details.


Sure, you are free to choose times most suitable for you. We would ask you to work for at least 3 hours everyday at certain times to ensure that we can conduct company wide calls 

Yes, in fact most of our recruiters and sourcers are working as contractors (freelancers)

Yes, we want you to take enough time to recharge your batteries, visit your friends or family or just take a break from work.

Our company language is English, but additional language would definitely be an advantage. Sometimes it helps if you can speak to a candidate in hes mother tongue