Interview Guide for IT Specialists

Helping to get your dream job

What is the aim of this guide?

We made this guide to break down a stereotype that job interview is a scary thing.

Everything will go well if you make some homework and prepare for it! And our ebook is designed to help you with that.

We described the pitfalls of the tech interview process, made some recommendations and created a set of important rules to follow.

For whom it could be useful?

For all people working in the IT industry and facing the tech interview stage, regardless of their current position

For everyone, who is preparing for a series of job interviews or wants to pick some tips for the future!

Key topics covered

HR Interview

Key tips to successfully negotiate with a human resources manager of a company you are applying to. In this paper, we made a brief overview of the common process and typical questions.

Technical interview

We addressed the issue of a technical interview in detail, as it’s the most complicated stage of the process. You will also find useful links to get prepared for typical tech tasks at the end of the ebook.

Set of rules

We picked 8 most important rules that constitute a secret to success in a tech interview. Read them carefully and try to remember, so you could feel confident at the most crucial moment.

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