Our values and principles


We work to satisfy customer needs in finding and employing highly qualified technical employees. We work to help candidates to find the place of employment that would satisfy their needs and professional ambitions in the best possible way.


The information influences decisions. We commit to being transparent to our clients and candidates so that they would be able to make the best decision for themselves, even if that would mean that we forgo the short term profits.


The recruitment industry is often criticized for bad practices in handling private data and doing business. We enforce the highest standards in doing business and handling the data of our candidates. We know that trust can be lost instantly, therefore we are always acting according to the highest ethical and professional standards.


We work remotely from different places and have flexible working hours. Our goal is to create a welcoming working environment for everyone and provide longterm employment for our recruiters.


We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion in our business and ensuring equal opportunities for all our team members. We value our employees and respect both their professional skills and personal qualities. We strongly believe that promoting diversity contributes to the openness of our company’s corporate culture. Our assessment is always based solely on a person’s set of skills and experience. The company provides each and every employee with opportunities for training, promotion and job rotation.

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