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Why Outstaffing?

Create a remote development team of high-end engineers from scratch or find tech professionals to strengthen your in-house team with Zero to One Search.

It makes sense

In the long run, partnering with Zero to One is much easier and less expensive than hiring locally. Just share your requirements with us and our experts will come up with a team of pre-screened engineers that best suits your project specifications

Tailor-Made Recruitment

Customized Recruitment Strategy

Embedded recruitment is a modern and effective way of handing over the responsibility of talent acquisition to experts, that is hiring managers who are closely working with their own teams. This process involves having a dedicated recruiter work on-site with hiring managers and their teams, to gain a deep understanding of the company culture, values and goals. Embedded recruiters use this knowledge to identify, attract and hire top-quality talent that fits perfectly with the needs of the organization. 

This not only ensures that the recruitment process is tailored to the company’s culture, but it also saves time and money associated with traditional recruitment methods. With embedded recruitment, companies can rest easy knowing that they have a trusted partner who will put them on the fast track to achieving their strategic hiring goals without having to sacrifice quality.

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We Solve Real Problems

Why you need to hire remote developers

Talent Shortage

It’s hard to hire programmers locally as you have to compete for high-quality talent with large tech companies.

Lack of expertise

You can’t find tech specialists with a specific skill set critical for your product’s success.

Quick kick-off

You are looking for a flexible model that allows for fast team deployment, scalability, and low risk.

Cost optimisation

You need to reduce development costs while keeping the quality of work at the same level

Talent accessibility

You want to increase your in-house team capacity by sourcing top talent from all over the world.

Administrative hassle

You don’t have the time and means to deal with the administrative and legal aspects of setting up an in-house team

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Our Services / Outstaffing

Team extention

Scale your software development with team extension

Remote Development center

Zero to One is a trustworthy partner that can help you open remote development center in CEE and Latin America

Dedicated Software Development Team

Building an extended team with Zero to One is just like opening your own remote development center, but without the hassle.

We Have Great Answers

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You can start from a smaller amount and you can scale as much as you need with us!

We sure do. Zero to One Search works with top 10% engineering talent globally.

With a remote office, you can get a team that covers all the product development processes — from idea to implementation. Experts with various technology stacks will help your business grow

Team extension engineers from Top Talent Hubs:

  • Work for you full time
  • Strive to deliver results
  • Use remote tools like Jira, Slack and Zoom to optimize productivity and maintain and open line of communication

Sometimes it can be difficult to recruit the right tech professionals locally. Team extension is the best option for businesses that want to find top talent no matter what they’re located.


Dedicated specialists can work long term or on an in-demand basis. Engineering talent on an extended team complement the talents of your in-house and co-create your project.


Choosing the team extension model allows you to speed up delivery time, scale your project up or down, and deliver your final product on schedule.

Yes, we take over the recruitment, on-going support of operations and payroll.

To secure your information, we sign NDAs & have strong policies when it comes to handling sensitive data

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Crafting Effective Resume

Creating an effective and eye-catching resume is essential in today’s competitive job market.

Here’s a detailed list of some of the best resources available for designing a resume, complete with their unique features and capabilities:

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