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HR event in Peru: insights from Zero to One Search Team Lead

Pedro Perez, Zero To One Search Recruitment Team Lead based in Lima, has recently addressed HR Talks Peru, where together with two more experts discussed the most common bias in the recruitment process and ways to overcome them.

“Make clear what your value is”: recruiters share tech interview tips (Part 1)

Successfully passing a technical interview with a recruiter is the most popular “how-to” request among IT specialists. There is no way to get an answer rather than ask a tech recruiter itself. And that’s exactly what we did: meet a series of interviews with Zero to One Search team, experienced tech recruiters, who know best

Key insights from DeepHR Talks in Buenos Aires

We want you to know our team better and get more familiar with both our main and extra activities. That’s why we decided to launch a new column, where we will share our updates, briefs on events we are taking part in worldwide and interviews with our team members. Welcome fresh recruitment tips from Zero

How to relocate to Germany: IT Specialists sharing their experience

Experience is the best teacher, right? And, by the way, not only your own! We spoke to our three successful candidates, who’ve recently moved to Germany for tech jobs, about their relocation stories. So you will find how to relocate to Germany based on personal experience.

German IT market in 12 facts

Germany has been perceived as a leader in digital and technological spheres not only in Europe but worldwide. Let’s take a look at the key factors about the German ICT & IT market.

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