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What to Choose: a Recruiting Agency or HR in the Next Room?

Who to entrust the hiring of specialists? That is the question! Hire an agency? Then you get a group of pros with resources, knowledge, and the opportunity to “find and engage” candidates from the side. Making a choice in favor of the staff? So get a specialist who will be included as much as possible

How to Start Recruitment Agency in Germany: Interview With Marat Yakupov, CEO and Founder of Zero to One Search

Last week, the column written by Zero to One Search CEO Marat Yakupov was published in the Russian prominent business media Rusbase. Marat shed light on some features of the profession of IT recruiter, told about nuances of starting a recruitment agency in Germany and secrets of managing a remote team. Now we’d like to

Five Best Cities in Germany for IT Specialists Outside Major Metropolises

In December, we released the top-6 of the best locations in Germany for IT specialists that included the largest cities in the country. This time, we go beyond major German metropolises and tell you about the tech landscape of smaller but not less important cities in terms of IT sector development. This article will complete

How To Relocate To Germany: IT Specialists Sharing Their Experience (Part 2)

Would you like to read new interviews about relocation to Germany? As you remembered, in September we released the first article with three relocation stories from our successful candidates and now decided to make such interviews a tradition. Below are another three conversations with IT professionals about the main pitfalls of the relocation process, advantages

6 Largest Cities in Germany for Work in IT

Tech hubs drive the world’s digital economy and push global innovations. They often appear in the form of large clusters or even mini-cities where all the tech capacities of a country are represented. At this point, Germany is a unique country, as its biggest cities are distinct tech hubs with different specializations within the industry.

Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon: Inside Look By Zero To One Search

November is coming to its end, and we cannot but recall key highlights of the Web Summit 2019, the major tech event in Lisbon held at the beginning of this month. Zero to One Search team could not miss this landmark conference – our CEO Marat Yakupov and Team Lead Pedro Perez attended the utmost

Working From Home: The Good, The Bad, The Trendy

The way we live, what we eat, what our routine looks like and how we work – million of trends are shaping our day-to-day life. If someone said 10 or 15 years ago that soon it would not be necessary to daily wake up and go to the office, we’d just roll our eyes back.

Key Things You Should Know To Rent Apartment In Germany

Going through an apartment jungle in Germany is an inevitable thing for every person recently relocated or planning to move. We always have an ideal image of our dream flat – cheap rent, central location, cool housemates (if any), all conveniences and an unbeatable view. But how to get a strike if your deadlines are

“Tact And Politeness Could Become Plus-One:” Recruiters Share Tech Interview Tips (Part 3)

The last – but not least – part of Zero to One Search talks with recruiters is an interview with Julia, our experienced team lead, who shared with us how to prepare for a tech interview. Julia shared with us funny and instructive stories from her experience that illustrate the main “to-do” and “not-to-do” things.

“Our Joint Goal Is Just To Have A Nice Conversation”: Recruiters Share Tech Interview Tips (Part 2)

It’s time for Episode 2 of tech interview tips by Zero to One Search recruiters.  This week, our guest is Paula Pazos, IT Recruiter based in Argentina. Paula, the experienced professional really passionate about technologies, told us about how important it is to be open during a tech interview, what’s a recruiter’s role in building

HR Event in Peru: Insights From Zero to One Search Team Lead

Pedro Perez, Zero To One Search Recruitment Team Lead based in Lima, has recently addressed HR Talks Peru, where together with two more experts discussed the most common bias in the recruitment process and ways to overcome them.

“Make Clear What Your Value Is”: Recruiters Share Tech Interview Tips (Part 1)

Successfully passing a technical interview with a recruiter is the most popular “how-to” request among IT specialists. There is no way to get an answer rather than ask a tech recruiter itself. And that’s exactly what we did: meet a series of interviews with Zero to One Search team, experienced tech recruiters, who know best

Key Insights From DeepHR Talks In Buenos Aires

We want you to know our team better and get more familiar with both our main and extra activities. That’s why we decided to launch a new column, where we will share our updates, briefs on events we are taking part in worldwide and interviews with our team members. Welcome fresh recruitment tips from Zero

How To Relocate To Germany: IT Specialists Sharing Their Experience

Experience is the best teacher, right? And, by the way, not only your own! We spoke to our three successful candidates, who’ve recently moved to Germany for tech jobs, about their relocation stories. So you will find how to relocate to Germany based on personal experience.

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