Why Career Counseling Is Vital While Searching for Job Abroad

If you ever decided to switch a company and started a job search, you know firsthand that this process sometimes does not go smoothly and

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If you ever decided to switch a company and started a job search, you know firsthand that this process sometimes does not go smoothly and fast. Hard skills and professional experience do not always guarantee success. The job search is a complex process and to get ahead with this challenge you also need solid knowledge of the market, specificities of the recruitment process in target companies, and an external view on the impression you make on an employer. And what is more important, you need a detailed career strategy.


This is especially true for those who decided to make a new career leap abroad. In fact, you find yourself amidst a brand-new environment that functions by own rules different from ones you accustomed to. Different market leaders, business processes, labor demand, corporate cultures, employers’ expectations… It is quite difficult for a newcomer to figure everything out quickly and do not get stuck with the search.


At this point, the most effective way to get back in line and connect the dots regarding your career is to seek professional help. Recruiters have the needed expertise to guide you through a new job market and adjust search strategy considering your career goals.

How career counseling can boost your job search in a foreign country? Look at five key benefits you get:



1. Career consultant provides the expertise you may lack


The main value of a career consultant is the experience of communicating with both hiring companies and candidates looking for new opportunities. This allows you, as a client, to look at the issue from both perspectives: you learn what exactly the companies search for and how to formulate your competitive advantage and distinguish yourself from other candidates. Realizing your strong sides and knowing what an employer expects from you will certainly boost your confidence even when you are looking for a job in a new country.


A consultant can also provide you with business insights regarding the local market you are going to enter: what companies are the best employers and what cases can prove it, what specializations are in high demand, and how good your target companies are currently performing. Based on this information, you will be able to create from scratch or adjust a map of potential employers and match your expectations with companies’ values and common practices.




2. Career counseling encourages you to move forward


It is absolutely okay if you come to a session and tell your consultant something like: “I got stuck and can’t find a job” or “I failed and do not know what should be done next.” The goal of career counseling is also to break a stalemate in terms of your career and deal with the roots of your past failures. Of course, a consultant will not give you keys to all the doors or any direct instructions but will provide you with needed support.

At such a session you will have a chance to discuss possible new professional directions and create a plan on how to get there from whatever point you are currently in. Eventually, when you have a detailed strategy drawn up with professional help, motivation to move on appears immediately.




3. Career consultant can help to make your relocation smoother


When you move to another country for a job, a variety of issues arise simultaneously. A consultant can help you to understand the difference between working visa types, compare relocation packages the local companies offer, let you know how to better adapt to new realities.


The same applies to all logistical details: you can always ask for recommendations on accommodation hunting, tips on local social security, taxation, education systems, and cultural specificities common to a new country. Career consultants are practitioners in the field of recruitment and often work with relocation cases, so the updated information and tips a consultant can provide will keep you from time-consuming research.




4. Career counseling can improve your self-presentation skills


The most challenging part of the employment process is to win the attention of an employer and do your best in terms of self-presentation. A career consultant will help you to turn the listing of your competences into an impressive presentation of achievements and best-performed cases. Getting a strong self-performance skill is another brick in the wall in terms of building your personal brand in addition to hard skills and professional experience.


Of course, mastering self-presentation requires constant practice, as it’s not enough just to note some tips on speech structure and preferred language. To perform this task, career counselors often organize workshops and mock interview sessions to assess your results in practice. This is a good chance to fix some bugs,  identify and reinforce your strong points.


Another important moment when it comes to creating your professional image is to choose the right way to substantiate your motivation. It is better to discuss with a career consultant what local employers are used to expecting when asking typical questions like “why you want to join your company?” Whether you should, by all means, prove your interest in a company or remain more reserved when negotiating with corporate recruiters? A consultant will suggest how to act correctly in such situations.




Career counseling motivates you to look beyond short-term goals


Another goal of career counseling beyond helping a candidate to find a dream job is to set long-term career goals. It helps to identify how you plan to progress in the next 10 or 15 years outside the limits of your current position. Career counseling can assist you in shaping a career map focusing own on your aspirations and expectations.


Whether you want to become a leading expert in the industry or to launch your own business – it is always easier to understand what should be done right now when you have set ultimate goals. Even a single career session with a consultant could become a huge step forward in terms of your long-term career strategy.

Zero to One Search tech recruitment team offers various packages of consultations to help you in resolving any issues related to a job search and career-building! Look through available options here or contact us via info@zerotoonesearch.com to get more details.

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