Case Study: Assembling Tech Teams for Germany’s Leading E-Commerce Platform

A story about how we helped our existing client to hire a new team for a new product

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Starting Point

We embarked on an exciting journey with one of our oldest clients, the frontrunner in Germany’s e-commerce arena. With a robust presence across seven cities, they set their sights on launching a novel product aimed at their existing business clientele. The tech stack was clear: Java, Spring Boot, and AWS. However, the challenge was substantial – they needed to rapidly assemble two teams of developers and two team leads.

Our Strategy

Understanding the Market

Java developers are in high demand, especially in tech hubs like Munich. Finding available talent isn’t just a matter of searching; it requires creativity and a deep understanding of the market. Our client trusted us with complete autonomy regarding recruitment, including the relocation of potential candidates.

Tapping into New Talent Pools

In a strategic move, we turned our attention to an untapped resource. Many skilled software engineers had recently relocated from Moscow to Georgia and Armenia, bringing with them a wealth of experience in building high-scale, high-load systems. This expertise was exactly what our client needed for their new venture.

The Recruitment Drive

Our team got to work, contacting around 200 engineers in this new talent pool. We engaged in conversations, assessed skills, and aligned aspirations with our client’s vision. Out of these, we carefully selected and presented about 20 top candidates to our client.

Quick and Effective Hiring

The outcome was a resounding success. Within just a month, our client hired 6 of these engineers. This swift hiring process was crucial, allowing them to kickstart the development of their new product without delay.


This case exemplifies our agility and innovative approach in recruitment. By thinking outside the box and tapping into new talent markets, we not only met our client’s urgent needs but also contributed to their strategic growth. We proved that even in a challenging market like Munich, with the right strategy and a bit of creativity, assembling a dream team of developers is not just possible, but can be done swiftly and effectively.

This case study showcases our ability to navigate the competitive tech recruitment landscape, highlighting our innovative strategies in sourcing talent and our commitment to fulfilling our clients’ immediate and strategic needs with efficiency and agility. More case studies

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