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Benefits for Tech Talents

Provide access to unique job opportunities that are not publicly available
Offer solutions based on team's deep knowledge of international labor markets
Find job opportunities with the possibility of relocation to Europe

Services For Companies


We conduct sourcing of best candidates depending on particular hiring needs. This allows us to provide the best possible recruitment solutions to tech companies.


We interview candidates following initial screening and before providing all details to clients. Conducting proper pre-selection process helps us to identify best-fit candidates in terms of your business culture and technical expectations.

Managing process

We organize an interview process and provide full support during candidate-client negotiations to avoid all possible pitfalls of the hiring process.

Post-offer support

We provide full support to our clients and candidates even after a successful placement to make the onboarding process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

About Zero To One Search

Trusted Partner

Our clients’ success is our success. Our commitment to long-term goals makes us a trusted partner that will always put your business’ interests first.

Fast and simple processes

We are simplifying recruitment processes by conducting pre-screening of candidates interested in working for your company. This allows us to meet all your hiring needs as quickly as possible.

Access to global talent pool

One of the advantages of cooperating with us — the opportunity to benefit from access to a global talent pool. We do our best to find the most suitable candidates to satisfy your business’ needs. 

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