Perks Of Working With Recruitment Agency For Tech Professional

The main goal of a tech recruiter is to offer the best deal to both a company and a professional and save their time and

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The main goal of a tech recruiter is to offer the best deal to both a company and a professional and save their time and resources while looking for a perfect match. There are plenty of materials and articles about numerous benefits companies can get from cooperation with a tech recruitment agency. Now, we are going to look at key advantages you, as a software engineer, can ensure if decide to partner with a staffing firm while looking for a job.

There is a common misconception about working with headhunters and employment companies envisaging that although tech recruiters are indeed perfect matchmakers, they mostly work in the interest of an employer, and not yours. This is totally incorrect, as a tech recruiter possesses access to valuable market expertise and insights, and if you manage to smartly organize a partnership with a reliable professional, you may secure the best employment opportunity possible.

So, what particular profit this partnership might bring to you? Let’s look in detail at the following five points:


Insider information beyond the position’s description

When you are searching for a new job on your own, resources, where you can get information on a company and a position, are limited to a job advert with a location, requirements, and salary, as well as available websites on the Internet. In fact, what you are doing, in this case, is pointing fingers at the variety of different positions without an accurate picture of what employers offer and why you are a fit.

By contrast, once deciding to partner with a recruitment agency, your overview becomes much broader thanks to the recruiter’s expertise. A tech recruiter always knows what market players are expanding, what key projects they’re working on now, and what it’s like to work there.

Moreover, many companies resort to the help of tech recruitment agencies to fill positions without actually making them public before that. Exclusive searches are a common practice in recruitment. For you, it means that working with a tech hiring agency, you gain access to vacancies you’d never find on your own in open sources.

Another important issue here: after your first meeting, a professional from a recruitment agency can evaluate whether you and a company fit together. A cultural fit is just as important as having the right skills for the position.


 A strong presentation of your candidacy

One of the most important advantages of partnering with a tech recruitment agency is that it will promote you much better than your CV and cover letter, no matter how well they have been written.

A recruiter always knows a role he or she offers to you almost as good as an employer and understand how to impress a company based on its needs and expectations. Your experience may not be a perfect match with outlined job requirements, but a hiring professional will identify your other strengths important for a position and focus on them while presenting your candidacy.

In this context, the mediation can be very valuable, as a consultant truly understands the technical aspect of your skills and experience and can effectively sell the benefits of your background and personality to the client.


Assistance in preparation for an interview

The recruitment agency is always an interest in you being successful in getting a job. That is why recruiters are ready to assist you in everything regarding a job search, including working on your interview strategy and self-presentation skills. A tech recruiter will brief you on what to expect from an interview for a particular position in a particular company, what type of test technical assignment will be offered, which requirements are key for a company, and how to better present corresponding skills.

Sometimes, tech recruiters even have warm contacts with some in-house hiring managers, have an idea of staff selection principles in a company, and frequently asked questions during interviews.


Opportunity to negotiate a better deal

Not many employers make their best possible offer at the beginning of talks, and candidates often have to negotiate a better salary to get the most suitable deal. The situation is sometimes also complicated by the fact that often companies do not outline expected salary in job adverts and ask about your expectations first. How to settle the issue and not to remain underestimated?

A tech recruitment manager usually knows an average salary rate level of key players on the market and successful business negotiation strategies. Before an interview, you can always consult with a recruiter to understand what tactics usually use a particular employer and how to find the right way to make talks on your employment package successful.


Support throughout your career

Establishing a good working relationship with a tech recruitment consultant is really a strategic move. A hiring professional can help you not only find current opportunities but also provide help when you will decide to make the next career move or when your circumstances change.

Professionals from recruitment agencies also often provide different types of consultations, where you can determine your long-term career goals and set strategies for how to achieve them.

Even if you are not actively looking for a job, but a recruiter you have worked with comes up with a specific, interesting role, you will likely be offered to consider this opportunity. You can get the heads up on roles before they are publicly advertised.

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