Searching For A New Job In Tech: How To Make Things Right

Written by Anastasia Zabolotina, Zero to One Search tech recruiter. Job search might be associated with certain stress and difficulties, but, eventually, it becomes a

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Written by Anastasia Zabolotina, Zero to One Search tech recruiter.

Job search might be associated with certain stress and difficulties, but, eventually, it becomes a growth point for a software engineer. The main thing here is to approach this task with clear expectations and goals and not to rush with key decisions. I would like to share with you some tips for tech professionals, which might be helpful for those who recently entered the job market or returned to a job search, and are willing to make the best choice possible with minimum pain!

Be honest with yourself

There are always particular reasons behind the decision to switch an employer. However, sometimes it is not so easy to formulate what changes you anticipate and make a fair comparison between what you have right now and what you will have at another company. 

My advice number one is to have an honest conversation with yourself first. Talk to your inner tech recruiter:) This first stage of the job search process might seem obvious and even optional, but by doing so you can protect yourself from major disappointments in the future and reduce stress during interviews. 

So, breathe out, and answer the following questions to yourself:

  • From the time you have been recruited to your current company till now what has changed in your life? Did you grow professionally? Did you learn anything new?
  • What in particular you are not happy with at your current job place? Are there any options to change that?
  • What is your dream job? How you can define it by key criterion: salary, technologies used, corporate culture, product, people, location, other benefits. Which of them are the most important?
  • Which of the criterion you are ready to give up? This is very important, as you should understand that none of the jobs is 100% perfect. At the same time, if you know what is most important for you, you can choose the best option out of available ones. 
  • What you will get as a result? Imagine, what would you feel when get recruited to your ideal job?

These answers will give you a sense of self-confidence, which on a par with tech skills defines your success in a job search process. Trust me, tech recruiters always appreciate when candidates know exactly what they want and why – it will be plus one to the first impression you make. 

Do not hesitate to seek assistance

Dealing with your own expectations is an initial stage of a job search. However, the process itself has its pitfalls and peculiarities, and you can always make it smoother by resorting to professional help. Tech recruiters are always here to give you market expertise, firsthand knowledge of business processes and different corporate cultures, and simply a second view. 

After all, when you are ill you call the doctor, or when you need some financial advice you seek for accountant’s help, right? The situation with searching for work is exactly the same!

Talking to a professional recruiter, you won’t lose anything, but sometimes get more than you expect, as recruiters know the ins and outs about interviews, employers’ requirements, and the whole hiring process.

Below are the main advantages for a software engineer of cooperating with a recruitment agency: 

  1. A recruiter will always make research and provide you with up-to-date information about the current situation on the market and a company you wish to work in;
  2. A recruiter often has direct communication channels with companies and can ask any questions you are interested in, as well as shed light on some insights regarding an employer;
  3. A professional recruitment manager can help you to polish your CV, LinkedIn profile or cover letter and target it for certain companies you’ve chosen. As a result, you will get your experience presented in the best way possible – a good chance to distinguish your profile from ones of the other candidates;
  4. One of the most important functions of a recruiter is to keep you informed about the status of the recruitment process and provide you with proper feedback at every stage;
  5. Finally, a recruiter takes into account all angles of your personal situation and can offer the best advice in the given circumstances. For example, if you are going to relocate with a family, a recruitment specialist will always inform you about all the possible scenarios and provide valuable tips.

Even if a recruiter comes to you first with a job opening, remember that your interests are still above all for such a specialist. So, call or text the recruiter, who is always willing to listen to you and help to figure out any issues!

Possible failures are OK!

First of all, remember that software engineers are always in really high demand on the global labor market (even during COVID-19 times!), so your new employment contract is just a matter of time. 

If your talks with a company did not result in a contract, look at this situation from another angle: at least, this was a valuable experience of taking part in a job interview and a chance to strengthen your skills of self-presentation. Moreover, the more interviews you pass through, the less nervous you get before the next one. 

I hope, these simple but essential tips removed any concerns before diving into the labor market! Stay self-confident and updated and success will always be on your side:)

P.S.: Here are some websites where you can compile an informative CV for free. But still, do not forget to consult with a recruiter to make some adjustments or improvements:

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