Why Career Guidance Is Essential In Modern World More Than Ever Before

Zero to One Search is constantly working with tech talents from all over the world and closely follows modern employment trends. More than anyone else,

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Zero to One Search is constantly working with tech talents from all over the world and closely follows modern employment trends. More than anyone else, we understand the current demands of candidates and that’s why decided to launch our own career advising service within the agency to help talents to do the best in terms of their career. In this article, we are going to figure out why career counseling is essential in the current environment and what external factors push more and more people to seek professional assistance from recruiters to succeed in achieving career goals.

The post-COVID world is becoming a new reality

Unsurprisingly, the first change factor is the most recent one: we are still going through the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, which has already affected the lives and jobs of millions of people and is expected to broaden its impact. The world has nearly stopped for several months due to lockdowns, but a career is not something that could be paused for a long time. Now, when Europe is returning to the normal business mode, we have to deal with changes in the employment market triggered by the pandemic.

Millions of people lost their jobs or experienced a sharp reduction in working hours, changes in the format of work, and employment schedule. Various innovations are being incorporated into traditional business processes and employees have to quickly adapt to the adjusted work process.

It goes without saying that the demand for career counseling has been booming amid such developments. One of the main goals of career consultations is to guide a professional through challenging times in his or her career. What should I do if I got laid off during the lockdown? How to continue with my career if my industry was seriously damaged? How to minimize pandemic’s impact on my long-term career goals? Answers to these questions are not easy to find on your own. Career advising is the most efficient way to save your career during the COVID-19 crisis and sometimes even benefit from it.

The world’s development has accelerated tremendously in the past two decades

Spinning off the COVID-19 effects, it’s important to understand that almost all processes in the world have significantly accelerated over the past 20 years. Global tech development is speeding up and sometimes we can’t keep up with all innovations and changes they bring. Of course, this inevitably affects the global job market and people’s careers.

The fact that about 85 percent of the jobs that today’s college students will occupy in a decade have simply not been invented yet speaks for itself. But how to keep everything under control if you even do not know whether your job will exist in a couple of years? Or what direction is better to choose to be in demand on the market as long as it is possible? Career counseling comes to the rescue again.

A key component of professional success in the modern world is constant learning. And not only learning new technologies and strategies but also learning how to be confident and competitive on the market during vulnerable times. A career adviser will always help you to adjust your career strategy, create a plan B, and understand what skills you need for future success.

Mindfulness and work-life balance are trending

Career counseling is also about people’s comfort and mental balance during career race. In the 1990-2000s, many people used to think that professional success comes only to those who are working the hardest even to the detriment of their personal lives. However, the culture of achievers in terms of sacrificing personal life for work is being abandoned, while reasonable work-life balance rises to the forefront. Everyone now is striving to reach mindfulness in everything they do to feel calm and ready for any challenges. This quite fashionable trend significantly affects people’s attitude to career building.

Today, one of the most frequent inquiries career consultants receive from clients is how to prioritize resources to build a successful career without being permanently overwhelmed with tasks and concerns related to work. This does not mean that a career adviser can serve as a psychologist. The thing is that typically, this skill comes to you when you have career goals clearly set and strategies for reaching them defined along with terms. And this is the first aim of career counseling. You will never be in fuss if you know what, why, and when should be done within your career track.

People are increasingly switching careers throughout life

Another characteristic of the modern world is that having several careers in life is becoming a new normal. Choosing a life-long career is becoming out-of-date, as many new industries appear with the development of technologies and we gain more and more skills to adapt to the new pace of events.

The role of career advising becomes vital at the exact moment when you come up with an idea to make a career change. Before undertaking a new professional journey, it is necessary to figure out what will be the right change for you, whether you will have to start from the entry positions and how to make this transition less nervous and as smooth as possible.

An adviser can contribute to identifying your current skills and skills you need to have for a new career. The professional help will also be useful in setting a transition tactic to succeed that includes work with CV and social media accounts, expanding professional network, identifying target companies, and preparing for job interviews. Or maybe you can end up trying a new role in your current company? You will figure it out much faster while communicating with a professional recruiter.

Globalizing world=increasing opportunities for job relocation

Relocation for a new job to another country is always a stressful event, and not only in terms of logistical issues. Meanwhile, as boundaries are blurring between countries, more and more professionals choose to switch the market for more opportunities. This option has recently become more accessible with numerous rotation programs in large companies and, generally, more flexible and welcoming for expats businesses. 

When you move to start a career abroad, you always find yourself amidst an unknown environment that follows its own principles and rules. The main value of career consultants here is that they know firsthand all features of the local job market and expectations of employers. Of course, the Internet contains piles of information, but often outdated and false, while a career adviser is always aware of even the tiniest changes on the market, as works in this area daily for many years. 

Zero to One Search recruiters work with tech candidates willing to relocate to Germany on a daily basis and see the growing need for reliable relocation consultants for professionals around the world. To meet the demands of our candidates and clients, we created an exclusive relocation workshop for everyone considering relocation or recently arrived in Germany. 

Get more details on our website and do not hesitate to drop a line on info@zerotoonesearch.com  to clarify any remaining questions and book a session.

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