Case Study: Scaling a Leading European Used Car Platform

Case study about how we helped the company in Munich to higher 20 software engineers in 4 months

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Starting Point

Our journey began with a familiar face: the Engineering Manager of Europe’s largest platform for buying used cars. Having previously collaborated at his former company, he reached out to us for a new challenge. His company, based in Munich and Berlin, was recently acquired by a private equity group. This acquisition set the stage for an ambitious plan: enhancing their investment by expanding the company’s existing products.

With about 500 full-time employees (FTEs), the company’s goal was to bolster its software development department by adding approximately 60 FTEs. This task was not just about numbers; it was about finding the right talent to drive the company’s growth and innovation.

Our Approach

Assembling the Team

Recognizing the scale of this challenge, we assembled a robust team of 6 experienced recruiters and sourcers. Their mission was simple yet daunting: to find and hire top-tier talent in a highly competitive market.

The Recruitment Drive

Over four months, our team embarked on a comprehensive recruitment campaign. We reached out to roughly 2000 qualified developers, casting a wide net across Germany and beyond, including Brazil, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. Our aim was to not only find the best talent but also to ensure a diverse and dynamic workforce.

The Results

Our efforts culminated in a series of successful hires:

  • 14 Middle to Senior Java Engineers: These individuals brought a wealth of experience and fresh perspectives, vital for the backend stability and scalability of the platform.
  • 2 Senior DevOps Engineers: Their expertise was crucial in optimizing the platform’s infrastructure, ensuring high availability and performance.
  • 2 Frontend React Engineers: They played a key role in enhancing the user interface, providing a seamless and engaging experience for customers.
  • 2 Team Leads: With their leadership, these new hires were instrumental in guiding the teams and aligning their efforts with the company’s strategic objectives.

Beyond Hiring

Our role extended beyond mere recruitment. We actively assisted several engineers with their relocation to Germany. This support included handling visa applications and ensuring a smooth transition for them and their families. By doing so, we not only facilitated the onboarding of international talent but also demonstrated our commitment to their well-being and success.


This case study exemplifies our ability to handle large-scale recruitment challenges in a dynamic and competitive market. By leveraging our extensive network and expertise, we not only fulfilled our client’s immediate hiring needs but also contributed to building a robust and diverse team capable of driving innovation and growth.

Our success in this project underscores our commitment to delivering tailored recruitment solutions that align with our clients’ strategic goals. We take pride in not only finding the right talent but also in ensuring their successful integration into the client’s work culture and long-term success.

This case study was crafted to showcase the scope and impact of our recruitment services, emphasizing our client-centric approach, our ability to navigate complex and large-scale hiring needs, and our dedication to supporting talent beyond the hiring process. More case studies

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