Case Study: Building Diverse Technical Teams for a US/German IoT and Crypto Startup

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Starting Point

Our journey began with an exciting challenge from a dynamic US/German startup specializing in IoT, Crypto, and Digital Identity. Coming to us through a referral, this startup was not just any new player on the block. With about 30 full-time employees and substantial financing, they were poised for significant growth.

Their request? To assist in recruiting a diverse range of engineers skilled in IoT, Hardware, and Infrastructure, focusing on technical expertise and motivation. The task was unique due to the dual-location hiring requirement: Munich, Germany, and San Francisco, US.

Our Approach

Team Division for Specialized Recruitment

To manage the diverse roles efficiently, we divided the recruitment process among three specialized teams:

  1. Embedded Engineers Team: Focused on recruiting engineers with deep expertise in embedded systems.
  2. Product and Hardware Specialists Team: Dedicated to sourcing talent for product development and hardware innovation.
  3. Marketing and Growth Segment Team: Concentrated on finding experts in marketing and growth, particularly for the LATAM market.

Successful Placements

Our approach proved to be a resounding success. We placed a variety of roles, bringing a wealth of experience and innovation to our client:

  • 5 Embedded Engineers: Including two talented professionals from Tesla, enhancing the team’s expertise in cutting-edge technology.
  • 2 Hardware Engineers: Focused on developing robust and innovative hardware solutions.
  • 1 Production Quality Engineer (Contractor from Apple): Bringing top-tier quality assurance expertise to the production process.
  • 1 Technical Product Manager (from Square): A strategic hire to bridge the gap between technical development and market needs.
  • 1 Head of Technical Customer Support: Ensuring customer satisfaction and technical support excellence.
  • 2 Growth Specialists and 1 Performance Marketing Manager: These hires were crucial for expanding the startup’s reach in the LATAM market, a key area for growth.


This case study highlights our ability to adapt to unique recruitment challenges and find the right talent for specialized roles across different locations. By dividing our focus among dedicated teams, we were able to efficiently source and place a diverse group of candidates, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences.

The new hires have not only strengthened our client’s core teams but have also positioned them for future success in the rapidly evolving fields of IoT, Crypto, and Digital Identity. Our client’s success in these complex, cutting-edge domains demonstrates our commitment to understanding and fulfilling the specific needs of startups, especially in the tech industry.

This case study showcases our specialized recruitment strategies, our ability to source talent from leading companies, and our commitment to building diverse and skilled teams that drive innovation and success for our clients. More case studies

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