Case Study: Embedding a Recruitment Team to Accelerate Startup Growth

A story about how embedded recruitment team helped one start up from Berlin to scale fast

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Starting Point

Our adventure with an ambitious Berlin-based startup began seven months into our initial collaboration. Recognizing their need for rapid expansion, we transitioned from a success-fee arrangement to embedding a dedicated recruitment team. This strategic move was aimed at supporting the startup’s goal of adding 30 more engineering team members to their roster.

Our Embedded Recruitment Team

Team Composition

Our embedded team was a blend of expertise and dedication, comprising 2 recruiters and 4 talent researchers. This diverse group worked tirelessly, primarily focusing on active search strategies to identify the best candidates.

Recruitment Strategy

The heart of our approach was local sourcing, combined with international talent acquisition. While many candidates were found locally, we recognized the value of global talent, bringing in around 10 individuals from outside Germany. Our support extended beyond recruitment; we assisted these international candidates with visa applications and relocation to Berlin, ensuring a smooth transition.

Communication and Cultural Understanding

A key element of our strategy was the close communication between our recruiters and the startup’s hiring managers. This daily interaction fostered transparency and allowed our recruiters to deeply understand the client’s culture and the specific soft skills they valued in candidates.

Roles Filled

Our team successfully recruited for a variety of roles, each critical to the startup’s technological development:

  • Backend Engineers: Focused on building and maintaining the server-side of applications.
  • Frontend Engineers: Responsible for creating the user interface and enhancing user experience.
  • DevOps: Experts in bridging the gap between software development and IT operations.
  • Data Engineers: Specializing in preparing ‘big data’ for analytical or operational uses.
  • QA Analysts: Ensuring the quality and reliability of software through rigorous testing.


Over the course of six months, every role was meticulously filled, marking the completion of our mission. Our embedded team approach not only accelerated the hiring process but also ensured a perfect match between the candidates and the startup’s unique culture and needs.

This case study exemplifies our commitment to providing tailored recruitment solutions. By embedding our team within the client’s environment, we achieved a deep understanding of their needs and culture, leading to successful placements that supported the startup’s rapid growth and expansion.

This case study demonstrates our expertise in creating an embedded recruitment team, our strategic approach to international and local talent sourcing, and our commitment to understanding and integrating into our client’s culture for successful, long-term placements. More stories

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