Key Insights From DeepHR Talks In Buenos Aires

We want you to know our team better and get more familiar with both our main and extra activities. That’s why we decided to launch

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We want you to know our team better and get more familiar with both our main and extra activities. That’s why we decided to launch a new column, where we will share our updates, briefs on events we are taking part in worldwide and interviews with our team members.

Welcome fresh recruitment tips from Zero to One Search! The location for the debut post is Argentina! 

“Don’t go for recruiting, go for learning first!”

In September, Paula Pazos, our tech recruiter, organized and moderated the DeepHR event in Buenos Aires, which was dedicated to main trends and practices in HRtech. The meetup took place in a co-working place for entrepreneurs in Buenos Aires.

recruitment tips event

Participants of the meetup discussed what impact modern technologies have on the recruiting process, how HR specialists could benefit from that and shared some opinions and views regarding best practices in the field.

Paula was really excited by the event and agreed to highlight some key ideas and recruitment tips from the meeting:

  • The main task of a good recruiter is to find a special approach to every project and candidate, based on industry and market characteristics. That’s why it is crucially important for a recruiter to increase own level of expertise, as it allows to understand the candidate’s expectations and professional experience.

“It’s important to be proactive and to investigate how it is best to find candidates depending on the industry, country, culture. For example, if you are looking for developers, you’d better go to meetups and events to learn about their interests and challenges at work.

Don’t go for recruiting, go for learning first!” 

  • Paula stressed that such an approach has a kind of spillover effect – it helps to easier engage candidates in a project, as a high level of motivation and broad tech outlook of a recruiter encourage them to consider an opportunity more carefully.

“Next time, when you interview a developer, you will be much more motivated, which would be seen, and a candidate will engage even more with an opportunity that you’re offering. So, we created this space to share thoughts, doubts and best practices and it was super fun and there were lots of things to learn!”

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